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Role Plays


Jasiri x Kibanzi - Their Turn

Jasiri x Nyota - Their Turn

Jasiri x Mkali - My Turn

Jasiri x Chaka - My Turn


Chozi x Shetani - My Turn

Chozi x Dhaifu - Their Turn *


Hofu x Fumo - Their Turn *

Hofu x Peps/Kero - Their Turn

Hofu x Kisasi - Their Turn *

Hofu x Ukuu - Their Turn

Hofu x Sauda - My Turn

Hofu x Mkali - Their Turn

* not sure if the RP is still going on due to not having received a reply for a long time

My Awesome Friends <33

-She's my friend in real life who just joined dA! Wohoo!!!! We cosplay a lot and talk about random things mainly Ranger's Apprentice and The Silver Eye....ehehehe xD

-Cyan has been my friend for around five years now, probably more. She is super awesome and I'm so glad we are friends! We can seriously talk about anything, she rocks! <33

-I met Lynna this year because of our mutual love for TSE. She quickly became one of my closest online friends, and I am so glad I got to meet her. She is awesome! <33


Some of my other awesome friends!
:icongingerflight: :iconninjacheetah: :iconbaerrito: :iconpandasmexual: :iconsorastra: :iconjupiter-hollow: :iconfallovtboy: :iconliiizardlungs: :iconkitonika9: :iconkyarako: :icondragonanne:

Raffle Thingy 

Art Inspirations

:iconlostie815: -Not only is her art AMAZING, but she is super nice and writes The Silver Eye which is EPIC!
:icongingerflight: -Ginger's art is awesome! And she is awesome too!
:icondancingfoxeslf: -Rising has amazing art! She hasn't been online in a while but her art is still as epic as ever!
:iconjuliajm15: - Her art is lovely! <333

The Silver Eye

This past year I found a comic called The Silver Eye written by lostie815 and it is AMAZING! I have read it so many times I've lost count! But seriously, if you haven't read it yet you should totally check it out, the story is so intriguing and mysterious and the characters are all just perfect <333
If you are a fan shoot me a message cause I can talk about TSE all day every day ;p

Since this box looks a little empty here is some fanart/fanfiction/cosplay I've done for it!
You can also check out all of my TSE stuff on my Tumblr (there are like 20 pages of TSE stuff ehehehe....including fanfics and pictures I haven't posted to dA) ^^

Play Time by Aceofstars16 The Star That Guides You Home by Aceofstars16 Life Was Just Happening by Aceofstars16 Happy Birthday Lynna and Cyan! by Aceofstars16 Everybody Loves Me by Aceofstars16 Berlyne Cosplay by Aceofstars16 Ruya and Berlyne Cosplay by Aceofstars16 Genderbent Bhatair and Marcus Cosplay by Aceofstars16 Snowballs and StormsSnow fell gently from the sky, adding to the already thick layer on the ground. Thankfully it never snowed too hard in Bellengrath, only enough to cover the ground in a few inches. Taking a deep breath of the cold air Gudrun stopped walking and closed her eyes for a moment, taking in the quiet stillness of it all. It was nice just to be able to relax, she really needed to give herself more time to just think, especially about Bhatair. Ever since that night he had continuously called upon her, asking her to come to the castle so they could talk, or taking her out to the beach to enjoy the sound of the ocean. It was nice, and Gudrun would be lying if she said she didn't enjoy his company, but at the same time she didn't know what to think or how to feel. If she was honest with herself then she had to admit that she did have a bit of a crush on the brown haired king, even if he could be a little...difficult, but just how far those feelings went...well she wasn't sure. 
Opening her bl
Hats"Enel give that back!" Chara called after the redhead as he raced away with her hat, laughing all the while.
With a sigh the short black-haired girl watched her boyfriend run off, knowing it would be hopeless to try to chase him, his long legs helped him run quite fast after all... Blowing on her hands she rubbed them together some before putting them over her ears, hoping to warm them up because they were starting to get cold.
"How does he not wear boots in this weather?" She asked herself silently as she recalled how Enel never wore boots, even when it was freezing out. It was such a weird quirk about him, but she didn't mind. It meant his feet didn't smell bad, unlike her sister whose feet always smelled bad because she literally NEVER took them off.
As the redhaired teen disappeared from sight Chara sighed again, she was going to have to find a way to get back at him for stealing her hat like that...
A few days later Chara and Enel were sitting outside of the library,
The Candy Cane Christmas
A cool wind blew across the streets of Greenway as busy shoppers bustled to and fro, trying to get their Christmas shopping done before dark. There was an excited hum resounding throughout the town as well, anyone who stepped into the marketplace immediately felt the change and only a scrooge could resist the urge to smile. Kids laughed and chased each other around the plaza while parents quickly hid presents from any prying eyes. Even Marcus, who had only a small tolerance for kids couldn’t help but smile at the sight, that is until Enel raced off into the crowd, eager to join in the festivities.
   “Enel wait!” the librarian called out but it was too late, the kid was already gone. With a sigh Marcus pushed his way through the crowd, trying to spot the familiar mop of orange hair in the swarm of people. It didn’t take long to find, seeing as Enel was the only kid in the whole country who seemed to have hair that orange. “Enel come on, we have s
TSE Valentine Poem by Aceofstars16 TSE Meme (Filled in!) by Aceofstars16

Things I need to work on...

This is mostly for me so I remember all that I need to draw/work on art wise
-Update Jasiri's info
-Update Hofu's info
-Answer all of my Character Asks/Dares *flops*
-Make a Plot meme for THK characters
-Finish my TSE fancomic
-Do the TSE meme (Hey I actually did it!!! XD)


Aceofstars16's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi there! I'm Aceofstars16, but you can call me Ace ^^
I am a Christian and nothing will shake my faith. The Bible is God's Word, so I believe what it says, even if my earthly desires don't like it. I won't force my religion on you, but if anyone bashes me, I won't move.
I love to draw, write, read, and fangirl....yes I am a HUGE fangirl, especially when it comes to The Silver Eye and Ranger's Apprentice, but I have tons of fandoms! If you ever want to chat just shoot me a note! I love meeting new people though I can be awkward and random at times. That might be a side effect of being homeschooled but I'm cool with it ;p
I love horses, cats, cheetahs and dragons. I have three cats of my own, their names are Alex, Ginger, and Juliet and I love them all <33
Reading rocks! I love to read and am always on the lookout for new series! Though I can be a little picky when it comes to certain things so I usually only read books meant for younger audiences ^^
That's all for now, hope you enjoy my page!



San Antonio Spurs Stamp by nascarstones Don't Mess With Texas by RedBigTex :thumb32479835: University of Texas by weaverclStamp - I believe. by avacancyStand for what you believe in by sugarpoultryI am proudly CHRISTIAN stamp by aguzzla22Not Hate - Stamp by StarrcelineClean Language Stamp by surfersquidBeauty Illusions by Danilee3240Love to read by Claire-stampsBlue! by Avis-HopeI LIKE HUGS by PlankheadNight Person by fear-the-brillianceSongs Over Genres by siriuslylostwerewolfAmong other facets of writing... by ZeroGravityCroquetFangirl stamp by sumenyaEPIC Horse Lover Stamp by ScutterlandMarvel Comics Captain America Fan Stamp by dA--bogeymanWinter Soldier Stamp by romero1718MLP: Friendship is Magic Stamp by ecokittySly Cooper Stamp by ecokittyRanger's Apprentice stamp by Grrgrl2I want my own Night Fury stamp by XxSephalxXSherlocked by darkestmelodyTeam Avatar by carenviniegraKiritoxAsuna Stamp by ShiyuiDP Transformation Stamp by ecokittyDisney Sisterly love - frozen version- by Tea-Strawberry Spirit x Rain stamp by GryphoniaDisney Vanellope Fist Bump Stamp by TwilightProwlerQuite The Little Actor by azianwolfdollBig Hero 6 Baymax stamp by daughter-of-MyouStamp Simba by HavickTheLionDisney Stamp - Mulan 006 by hanakttreasure planet stamp by angel-of-rosezAslan Stamp by NaryuJack Fan Stamp by shadyGIFsMerry and Pippin by Cathines-StampsSequels Stamp by WetWithRainVoice Stamp by WetWithRainInner fangirl ::Stamp:: by BklynSharkExpert


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