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Hi there! I'm Aceofstars16, but you can call me Ace ^^
I am a Christian and nothing will shake my faith. The Bible is God's Word, so I believe what it says, even if my earthly desires don't like it. I won't force my religion on you, but if anyone bashes me, I won't move.
I love to draw, write, read, and fangirl....yes I am a HUGE fangirl, especially when it comes to The Silver Eye and Ranger's Apprentice, but I have tons of fandoms! If you ever want to chat just shoot me a note! I love meeting new people though I can be awkward and random at times. That might be a side effect of being homeschooled but I'm cool with it ;p
I love horses, cats, cheetahs and dragons. I have three cats of my own, their names are Alex, Ginger, and Juliet and I love them all <33
Reading rocks! I love to read and am always on the lookout for new series! Though I can be a little picky when it comes to certain things so I usually only read books meant for younger audiences ^^
That's all for now, hope you enjoy my page!

P.S. I am much more active on my tumblr account, my username on there and AO3 is also Aceofstars16
So yesterday I got the chance to go to the Stars Above Tour in Irving and it was so much fun!!! Granted The first half of the trip was really hard because I was feeling bad but the last half was totally worth it! I'm going to write a big old post starting with the South Irving Library because that place is AMAZING! (and yet somehow I totally forgot to take pictures of any of it? *flops*)

Ok so first off I didn't go to the signing alone. My sister, mom, and two of my friends came along too! I ended up dressing up as Cinder and my friends dressed up as Iko and genderbent Thorne (BROT3 all the way!)

So we made it to the library and decided to go exploring (my mom and friend went and got signing tickets right when the library opened so we didn't have to worry about that) and the library was SO COOL! Walking in there is a hallway that separated the library from the event rooms and at the end of the hallway there was this cool wave pattern that had lights behind it so it could change color!

The library itself was two stories tall, and on the stairs they had this awesome clock that was made by books! It's cooler than it sounds, each number of the clock was a book that had that number in it's title! I really wish I had gotten a picture of it because it was awesome!!! They also have separate youth and kids sections (the kids section is huge and has these cool interactive screen things and lots of beanbags and comfy chairs and stuff!) and then they have a study place with tables and plugs and chairs looking out over the park that is right across the street (I wanted to explore it so bad but I didn't get to, maybe next time!)
So I hung out there while we waited (we had to check out of the hotel by 12:00 but the event didn't start until 3:00 so we just chilled and read while we waited) then my mom and friends went to get some lunch while me and my sister went downstairs and waited in the hallway which was already starting to fill up (which you can see by the last picture). Once they got back I got to eat a little bit but then someone started making announcements so I stopped eating to go in and see what it was all about. And it just so happened that a cable news station was covering the event and they were focusing on the Irving Library and a big author event they are holding in May I think (?), so that was really cool! But it gets even better. It was around that time that we met Mars Bars (ok so that wasn't her real name, we each got nicknames so I'll probably refer to people by their nicknames or characters xD) who was a fellow Cinder cosplayer.

And then shortly after we met and started fangirling, one of the people covering the event asked if he could interview us because we were dressed up like the characters! He asked us things like who were we dressed as, what we were excited for at the event, what we thought of the library, and a few other questions about books and stuff. It was really cool!!! And I am totally going to see if I can find a video of it on youtube...*flops*
So then after that we met the rest of The Posse (or The Rampion Crew, we went by both haha) which included another Cinder and Iko, a Scarlet, a Cress, and another girl who didn't dress up. I'm not actually sure how the whole interaction started because I was watching over all of our stuff for a little bit but hey that doesn't matter because for the rest of the event we were almost always in our posse which was AWESOME! 
It was around then when they opened the doors to go inside the event room (there were so many people we were a fire hazard haha...xD). I got split from the posse during the event (they were really close by though) but I was with my sis and mom in what I thought was a line to buy books, it actually wasn't (which resulted in a frantic search for books because they sold out of everything except Winter by the time I found that out, but that's a story for a little later, to the event first!). But this was actually a blessing in disguise because we were actually really close to the "stage" and Marissa actually came out of a door right next to where we were so she walked out right in front of us! Then everyone in the room proceeded to welcome Marissa to Texas by singing, "The stars at night are big and bright...deep in the heart of Texas!" (I totally forgot to film that part which stinks because it was awesome!)
Then Marissa started talking about how Stars Above came to be and her journey as a writer which was really fun! (And now I can't wait to read the book but alas I still need to go out and buy it *flops*)

(This shows you how close we were!)

And after talking about Stars Above Marissa told us the story of The Little Mermaid, though she did say that she wasn't a very big fan of it, and she made a few comments about it while telling it. But it was still really fun! Though the original story is sooo different than the Disney movie, yes most of my fairy tale knowledge comes from Disney which I know is very inaccurate xD 
After that Marissa started answering Q & As! I can't remember all of them but here are a few snibbits I remember! (I filmed her talking about Stars Above and telling the Little Mermaid but I didn't record her Q & A which I realized I should have because those are different at every event xD):
- Marissa identifies the most with Cress
- Her favorite ship name is Kiko
-She came up with Iko before Cinder and got the idea from Cinder from a dream
- Her advice to young writers is to take things slow and not obsess over getting published
-And lastly she cries when writing character's deaths but also is a little gleeful when readers wail about it

Marissa also talked about her future projects, including Heartless (which there was a drawing for at the event. None of us won it, but the girl that did was so happy and it was great!!!), Wires and Nerves (her graphic novels about Iko!), her short story in an upcoming book of short stories (I cannot remember the title *flops*), AND a series about girl super heroes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that was the whole "trying to find a copy of any TLC book besides Winter to get signed because they had already sold out because I didn't realize I wasn't in the line to buy books the whole time." So basically I tried to get back to the place to buy books while they still had copies of Cinder, but by the time I got back there they had just sold out and only had Winter left, which I already have two copies of. So then me, my mom and sister all went into the library and tried to find a bookstore close by but it turns out that Irving doesn't actually have a bookstore? (Apparently there was this big blowout with Barnes and Noble and Half-Price Books and something happened where they both got shut down which was good for the library but hard on anyone who wants to buy new books in the area, but I digress) Anyways, my mom ended up leaving to see if Target had any books (they only had one copy of Winter and she didn't have time to check at WalMart, but hey it was all ok by the end. The friends who came with me got a copy of Stars Above and they actually gave me one of the buttons ("The Mechanic" one) that they got with it <33)
While my mom went to the store I went back downstairs, got pictures, and hung out with The Posse. Oh and around that time I found out that I was was the oldest one in the group (minus my sister) because everyone was in the 12-16 age range and I was just sitting there like "...dang I feel old..." though everyone thought I looked like I was 16 and since I still feel 16 it wasn't too bad xD
Here are just a few of the awesome pictures we got ;p

(Iko swooning at Thorne)

(We adopted another Cinder for this picture, from right to left we have (nickname-wise) Mars Bars, Selene, Your Majesty (yes that was my nickname because "Thorne" kept calling me it throughout the trip xD), and our adopted Cinder!

And all us Cinders are just like "Thorne what are you even doing?" xD

After getting lots of fun pictures and recharging our phones (and trying to get contact info so we could all stay in touch!) we decided to go into the mobile planetarium. That's right they had a mobile planetarium there!!! The lady who was running most of the event had worked at the place that owned it and she got to use it for the even because "Stars Above"... it was just too perfect! (She is also such a fangirl too it was so great!) I wish I had gotten a picture of the outside. Basically it was this big black blow up thing that my friend described as a "bouncy house for adults" though you couldn't bounce in it xD
But that wasn't the best part. There were fandoms jokes and puns bouncing around during the whole time! Honestly my favorite part was right when we were getting inside something (I'm not really sure what it was tbh) sparked the singing of The Imperial March, and soon almost everyone was singing it which was totally awesome! There were also a few Harry Potter references (some I got, some I didn't, but for someone who hasn't read the books I'm glad I at least knew a few things haha xD) and then there was also talk about Alpha stars, and constellations. There was even talk about how every cool man has a belt, like Han Solo. Basically lots of Star Wars and general fandom talk, it was awesome! 

Then we hung out more while waiting to get in the signing line (they called up groups of about 25 or so at a time which was really nice) and a friend from church who had moved a while ago even stopped by to say "hi" which was cool! We were actually waiting in the hallway between the library and this resulted in us (my family and the friends that came with us) missing when they announced our numbers ( we were like 194-198) but thankfully we asked what numbers whey were on in time and got in line! I was stressing out in line because I was trying to figure out who should film and who should take pictures and make sure I had the collab pictures out along with my book and Agent Linh picture that I had printed out for Marissa. The line actually moved fairly quickly and then the girl who was right in front of us asked us to be in the picture with her because we were dressed up and that was really cool!

Then my friends went before me and Marissa loved that my one friend was dressed up as Thorne because she hadn't seen a Thorne cosplay before (at least at that event, maybe in general too?) And she also signed my friend's artwork, which was super cool! My sister actually went before me to get a book signed. Then I gave Marissa the collab pictures, which she LOVED! She even paused the line to pull out the other pieces she had gotten so far and looked at them for a bit (she was so excited it was so cool!!!!!) and then we got a picture of me with her and the squares!

She also signed my copy of Winter that is also signed by Laura Hollingsworth (lostie815) and at first she thought I might have been Laura! To which I was silly and said something like '"That would be so cool!" or something like that...what can I say I love The Silver Eye too much *flops* Then I gave her my Agent Linh picture and she loved it and even wondered if it was a fanfic! (Hey maybe I need to work on a fic for it now...xD) After that I got a picture with her, my mom, and my sister and also got to give her two hugs, it was incredible!!! <3333333

You can watch her reaction to getting the collab squares here!

After that I was so high on adrenaline and we ran back to our posse and freaked out with them about it all! We also continued to get contact info then we proceeded to sign each other's books which just made them about 100000x more special and unique! <3333

It was all so much fun!!! And it didn't even end there! We all decided to stay a little longer and wait for "Scarlet" to go meet Marissa so we took selfies and sang and howled in the corner of the room while we waited (I don't have the pictures at the moment but if I get them from the posse I'll add them here!) and then when "Scarlet" got to Marissa we all got a group photo with her!!!!!! That's right I got 4 pictures with Marissa and each time was amazing and awesome!!!! <333333

We actually ended up having to wait for a while to leave because my mom was doing the planetarium with my sister so we hung out for a bit and "Selene's" mom actually told us in all seriousness that if we come back to Dallas/Irving again that we can totally stay with them! Then we started talking about maybe having a Heartless party when it comes out!!! :D
Not long after that everyone but Mars Bars left, so we just hung out. And I told her about TSE and showed her the picture that Laura drew of Cinder and Thorne and we got pictures of us in the same poses as in the picture! I don't have the pictures at the moment but when I get them I'll be sure to add them!
Then once my mom got out of the planetarium we had to drive home, but that's a whole other story mostly filled with all of us writing in our journals about what happened.

All in all it was an AMAZING trip and I'm so glad I got to go!!!!
Hope y'all liked reading about this!
If y'all want to see more pictures of Marissa looking at the collab squares you can check them out here!
And here is this same post on tumblr just cause!

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